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Hi there! My name is Xiao Xiao. I'm a bright and sporty girl, who has turned 21 this year. This year is also my website's 12-year Anniversary~! So celebrate together with me and win loadsa prizes!
I haven't got a brother or sister, but have loadsa friends, partly because I am easy-going and very understanding, with a good shoulder to cry on and a bright smile to laugh with \(^_^)/ Hope you will become my friend as well! Please write to me!
By the way my hometown is Jinan. Capital of Shandong, P.R. China.
Not only am I good at web designing, mastered HTML myself & obtained Certificate for Java Programming from IBM, I also have very high academic ability. You know what, I achieved the highest GCSE marks in Cantell Maths & Computing College - No. 1! With 9 A*s & 4 As. Being the Deputy Head Girl of the school as well as the highest achiever, I was invited to get my photograph taken to be put on Cantell's website and newspaper to encourage forthcoming students. Oh, and also invited to the school's Annual Presentational Evening to receive an award & some book tokens as well.

My Favorites

Favourite TV show: The Simpsons
Favourite Cartoon: Ranma 1/2
Favourite Book: Harry Potter Series
Favourite Manga: Fushigi Yugi
Favourite Colour: Blue, Purple, Pink
Favourite Drink: Milkshake, Milk Smoothies, 5 alive, Hot Chocolate
Favourite website: www.xiaoxiaohan.co.nr :)
Favourite Sport: Badminton
Favourite People: LIN Dan

My Hobbies

Sports: I love Badminton!!! I used to play badminton about 6 times per week (Including 2 times of County Coaching)! But now, because of college work & self-studying, I can only make time for twice a week :(  You should know that I'm in Under 19s Hampshire County Junior Badminton Squad. Not only that, I got lots of medals:
14/02/2004  South Chinese Badminton Open
Silver - Mixed Doubles with Kevin Lau
14/03/2004  Under 13s County Restricted
Silver - Ladies Singles
Silver - Ladies Doubles with Alice
01/05/2004  Mini Asia Game
Gold - Ladies Singles
Gold - Ladies Doubles with Yeping Xiong
19/05/2004  University of Southampton Intramural Badminton
Gold - Ladies Doubles with Yeping Xiong
Gold - Mixed Doubles with Kevin Lau
03/06/2004  Under 13s Open - Grade A
Silver - Ladies Doubles with Jennifer Sargent
28/08/2004  Southampton Chinese Badminton - Under 16s
Gold - Ladies Singles
?/2004 Under 15s Open - Grade A
Silver - Ladies Singles
Gold - Ladies Doubles with Panuga Riou
?/2004 England Shires League Badminton Under 15s Team
Winner - with our U15s Team
15/02/05 Under 15s Open - Grade A
Gold - Ladies Singles
22/02/05 University of Southampton Intramural Team Badminton
Gold - Team
21/03/05 Eagles Tournament
Gold - Ladies Overall Champion
24/05/05 Unversity of Southampton Intramural Badminton
Gold - Mixed Doubles with Peter W.
Gold - Ladies Doubles with Yeping Xiong
18/02/06 University of Southampton Intramural Team Badminton
Gold - Team
03-4/03/07 Mini Asian Games
Gold - Ladies Singles
Gold - Ladies Doubles with Yeping Xiong
Gold - Mixed Doubles with Zai Kang Lin
16-17/02/08 Mini Asian Games
Gold - Ladies Singles
Gold - Ladies Doubles with Yeping Xiong
28/02/09 UK Chinese Students Badminton Open
Gold - Mixed Doubles
27/03/09 BBC Badminton Tournament 2009
Gold - Ladies Doubles with Lisa Hancock
22-24/05/09 British National Sports Championships 2009
Silver - Ladies Doubles with Suzi Clark
I am looking forward to be in the National Team!
I also go swimming in order to keep myself fit for badminton matches. Plus, I like gymnastics, used to do ballet & took some Chinese traditional dancing lessons. I'm very flexible.

Musical Instruments:
Pipa (a chinese instrument with 4 strings) - Grade 1
Zhong Ran (another chinese instrument of 4 strings! What a coincident!) (but not playing anymore - too big!)

The Pipa is a Chinese lute. The first Pipa probably appeared around 105 B.C., when it was praised as much for its shape as its sound -- "hollow inside and solid outside in the image of heaven and earth, with a round bottom and straight handle symbolizing the relationship between Yin and Yang." The pipa has four strings and between 19 and 26 bamboo frets. Both in China and abroad, the pipa is commonly used as both a solo and an orchestral instrument.

This is the Chinese Instrument Pipa.

Quite Admired


Count from the right. The third one is ME~

My hometown Jinan, featuring the Da Ming Lake

Xiao Xiao Chat Room

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Me with 5 gold medals won in 2008 Mini Asian Game
2008 Mini Asian Game

Me winning silver trophy for womens doubles.jpg
2009 British Colleges Sports Championships

Our team featured in the newspaper
Peter Symonds Badminton Team - I'm the female captain

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